Charlie is an award-winning director of international TV advertising campaigns for Nike, Mazda, Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Disney. 

He brings a 25 year track record of increasing sales for brands through his unique approach to storytelling that creates one-of-a-kind techniques that connect audiences with consumers. 

He learned his first magic trick at 5 and has been obsessed by visual invention ever since.

Charlie kicked off with an International MTV award at the age of 19. He was accepted to Britain's National Film and Television School, but soon lured away by Richard Branson’s Limelight Films. Nike campaigns for Wieden & Kennedy ensured he never looked back, followed by Coca-Cola work through CAA. 

After Superbowl films for Dodge cars, Charlie was signed up by Ridley Scott’s RSA for innovative Miller and Sprite campaigns. A 12-spot campaign for Mazda brought in a Silver Clio along with a 30% increase in sales, and spawned a travelling architecture exhibit from Columbia University based on its design.

During his busy advertising career, Charlie has taken time to write and develop big screen adventure - documenting Sandinistas and Contras during Nicaragua’s civil war, undercover with Serbian paramilitaries after they kidnapped Slobodan Milošević, discovering how East London’s underground gamblers can give you the odds on anything, and four weeks learning every inch of a giant container ship crawling across the Pacific. 

Charlie’s biggest adventure is fatherhood to three kids who are practically perfect in every way. He’s hustling two of them through autism, knows seven dad jokes, and can still blow a coin across a room.

Charlie is co-founder of Insurgency LLC, developing movie and TV projects in sci-fi, action and horror.